Have you ever experienced the pain in the flesh of the toenails?-Let you understand the “ingrown toe nails “

The toenails grow in the flesh, which is unspeakable pain.
I didn’t care at first, I took a step and pumped so painfully, and then ended my sad day. I went home and saw that my feet were swollen.

So, what’s the matter with toenails growing in the flesh?
This has to be mentioned ingrown nails

1.What is ingrown toenails

Refers to the nail plate piercing the surrounding tissues of the toenail, causing local soft tissues to have a foreign body inflammatory reaction and cause pain.
Ingrown nails mostly appear in people aged 10-50 years old, more common in teenagers

The main reasons for ingrown nails are inappropriate shoes and tight shoes. In addition, the wrong way of cutting toenails and the lack of attention to foot hygiene in lifestyle are also several reasons for ingrown nails.

If the ingrown nail is not treated in time, the skin or soft tissue may be ruptured due to repeated friction with the shoe. In severe cases, it may be infected and cause paronychia. In more serious cases, it may cause local abscesses on the toes.

2.Why do ingrown nails appear

Toenail structure and growth

The structure of the toenail is like this: under the toenail is the nail bed; the toenail grows along the nail bed. A flat toenail requires a normal, flat nail bed.

If the nail bed is deformed, embedded in the surrounding soft tissue, or the germinal layer is bent, it will cause the new toenail to grow into the soft tissue, causing the new toenail to irritate the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

The cause of bending of the toenail is usually the compression of the shoe. When cutting the toenail, cut the two corners into an arc shape, which will cause the shoe to squeeze the toenail into the flesh. Over time, the nail bed deforms, and the new toenail grows into the flesh along the nail bed, causing pain.

At this time, timely trimming will reduce the pain, but the pain will recur as the new nail grows.

3.Correct care of toenails

Keep clean

Ingrown nails are common in adolescents. The sebaceous glands and skin sweat more, so you need to change your socks frequently.

In addition, pay attention to the hygiene of the shoes, change shoes or wash shoes regularly after exercise or every two weeks. In order to avoid fungal infections, you should also take care to dry your shoes before putting them on

Trim nails properly

Toenails should be trimmed in time and do not leave too long toenails. This will easily accumulate dirt under the nails, and it is easy to cause nail damage due to the impact of the toenail and the front of the shoes during exercise.

It should be noted that there is a little difference between toenails and fingernails. It is best to cut the front of the big toe nail into a straight line instead of an arc, so as to prevent the two sides of the toenail from growing into the wrinkles next to the nail and causing pain.

When the pain has been cut into an arc, you can make it longer. The main cut is the front and the two corners are left out. You can smooth it after about a month.

The flat front edge of the toenail can avoid ingrown nails, and mild ingrown nails can be cured by trimming.

Replace suitable shoes

The body of adolescents is under development, and many children’s feet grow too fast, and they may have to change shoes of one size in 3 or 4 months. During this period, children should be taught to check the size of their shoes regularly.

The front cavity of a suitable shoe should have a finger-width space, and when running, the big toe or second toe should not hit the inner front edge of the shoe and cause pain.

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