1 Second Nail Art Sticker (10 Sheets)



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Can you imagine getting marble nail art without complicating paint tools?

1 Second Nail Art Stickergiving your nails the best treat!Designed withpremium material. it iseasy to applyto the nails. making themuniquely beautiful instantly. andwill stay on for a long while.

When it is time to remove. it is easy and does not hurt the fingers in any way. making it the best choice in the market.Getting perfect nail art without special tools!


  • Finish in 1 Step:
    just stick & tear. the pattern will be transferredperfectly.
  • Save Time & Cost:
    no paint tools are required. you can simply make D.I.Y at home.
  • Self Adhesive:
    can use on nails directly. no glue is required.

  • Safe to Use:
    Made of non-toxic material. these foils are safe to use.

  • Long Lasting:
    can last for weeks. with applying top coat on it can protect it for long period.
  • Thin Layer Design:
    no burden to your nail.
  • Safe to Remove:
    simply use nail remover toclean. it does not hurt your fingers.
  • 10 Patterns Included:
    Starry Sky & Marble Collections included. making your nails trendy instantly.


  1. Apply a thin layer of base coat.
  2. Apply nail polish(dark color is better). wait it dry. and apply the polish again. wait it dry(not totally dry. a gentle fingerprint is left on the nails when you press your finger on the nail)
  3. Carefully place the stickers on desired position on your nails and rub over using your finger.
  4. Apply top coat for protection.


  • Material: Paper
  • Weight: 15g
  • Size: 20cm x 4cm
  • Quantity: 10 Sheets/ Set
  • Color: As Shown


  • 10 Sheets ร— 1 Second Nail Art Sticker

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1 Second Nail Art Sticker (10 Sheets)