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Now you can easily wipe off any dirt. algae & moss lurking inside your glass aquariums. while not having to get your hands all wet and dirty with the 2-Way Magnetic Aquarium Scrapers.Thiscleaner has a2-way scraper that effectively cleans your aquarium without ANY glass scratches!Very convenient and simple to use.Eliminates hassle and inconvenience. no need to use long-handled tools. soak your whole arm into the tank. or drain the whole water!


Anti-Scratch Cleaning Pads
Highly efficient in removing algae from the glass without leaving ANY marks on your glass.Clean both sides effortlessly at one go.evenwith fishes and water still in!
Strong Magnetic Attraction
It comes witha super-strong magnetic force to easily work on thick glasses for cleaning convenience.As you move the outer magnet the inner magnet will also follow to clean your glass brightly and clearly.
Premium Quality
Itgives comfort and a strong grip for faster cleaning action.Simply put 1 side in the tank and the other on the outside. Plastic Brush hook. and soft suede for easy cleaning.

Float Design
The floating design avoids lost magnets on the bottom of your aquarium and makes it convenient for use


  • Material:Plastic. Flannel. & Magnets
  • Available Sizes(Approx.):S:8.3 x 3.8 x 7cmM:9 x 4 x7cm


  • 2-Way Magnetic Aquarium Scrapers

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2-Way Magnetic Aquarium Scrapers