6-in-1 Shedding Grooming Massage Brush



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Do not harm the horse’s skin and hair. easily clean its body. keep it clean and comfortable!

  • ” I personally guarantee you and your horse will love this new way to groom. You’ve got my name on it. “
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Remove naturally shed hair
Remove dust and mud
Remove dead skin and hair
Massage tools
Easy to carry and clean

Suitable for most horses. cats. dogs.

Main Features

  • Remove Shedding Hair – Blade-Free!
    A professional beauty hair removal brush. without a blade. can quickly brush off the loose hair that falls off naturally.
  • Lift & Remove Embedded Dirt
    The edge of the massage brush can quickly scrape the dust off the horse. keeping it clean and dry!
  • Massage Muscles
    This multifunctional beauty massage brush can massage and stretch muscles. promote blood circulation. and is very suitable for use before and after riding.
  • Good Decontamination Effect
    The large matte surface can be used to foam and penetrate deep into the skin to remove dirt. The small matte surface can be used to clean detailed parts such as the face and legs. Make cleaning faster and easier.
  • Cleansing The Face
    The rounded corners and small matte surface of the massage brush can be used to clean all parts of the face. It is very safe. so please rest assured.
  • Cleaning Of Legs And Hooves
    With the help of the frosted surface and edge function. it can flexibly remove the stains on the legs. and it is also very effective to clean the hooves.


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  • 6-in-1 Shedding Grooming Massage Brush × 1

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6-in-1 Shedding Grooming Massage Brush