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How to easily clean your aquarium without dirty your hands and beautiful new clothes and without spilling water on the floor? This is a troublesome question. Now Aquarium Cleaner can not only clean your fish tank but also remove your troubles. Come with me to know about the Aquarium Cleaner. Let’s go!!!

Pleasantly surprised with this product. The magnets are super strong. simple to use. very efficient in cleaning algae off the sides of the glass. The handle is contoured to fit in hand and operates very smoothly. Not having to get my arm soaked is wonderful.




In life. humans need a clean and tidy home. and so are fish.
The cleaning pad used for the fish tank interior is a plastic barbed. these barbs can easily clean your aquarium without scratching the glass. The cleaning pad for the exterior is made of soft flannel. it can help you clean the outside of the tank at the same time and save your time.
Just clean it up once and your fish will get a clean home.


First. the handle design that accords with the hand curve so that you can hold it comfortably.
Second. the raised texture on the handle surface will keep your hands from slipping off when you’re hard-pressed. Select Aquarium Cleaner — Make your cleaning work easier.


1. The streamlined design is so artistic and pleasing to the eye.
2. Made of high-quality plastic material. wear-resistant. and durable. no damage to the glass. easy for cleaning.
3. Using a strong magnet. which can control the inside cleaning brush to follow the outside handle.

3. Anti Scratch cleaning pads that are highly efficient in removing algae from glass.
4. The floating design prevents the brush from sinking into the bottom of the aquarium. making it easy to take it out of the water tank.
5. Non-slip handle design. easy to operate and convenient to use. improving cleaning action.


☆ Material: Plastic+Magnet
☆ Color: White and Blue
☆ Weight: Approx. 36g / 100g / 150g / 250g
☆ Size(L*W*H) & Application:
– Mini: About 3.7 x 3.7 x 2.5 cm. suitable for 35 cm fish tank. glass thickness within 6 mm
– S: About 7 x 3.7 x 7 cm. suitable for 30~50 cm fish tank. glass thickness within 8 mm
– M: About 9.5 x 4.5 x 7.4 cm. suitable for 50~80 cm fish tank. glass thickness within 12 mm
– L: About 10.5 x 5.5 x 7.4 cm. suitable for 80~150 cm fish tank. glass thickness within 15 mm
☆ Package List: Aquarium Cleaner x 1


* Please choose the right model magnetic brush according to your fish tank thickness. Small fish tanks can choose the size S brush. large fish tanks need M or L.
** Due to the strong suction of the product. rotate the two surfaces of the brush to 90 degrees before opening. and then forcibly break them apart to avoid pinching fingers.

*** Put one into the water tank. the otherone is placed on the outside of the tank and they can be absorbed together.
***** Move the outer one. the inside one will move with it at the same time so that can clean the inside and outside of the aquarium.


1. Keep the wearer of a pacemaker away.
2. Place out of reach of children.
3. Made for common glass fish tank. not for acrylic and low iron glass. Please choose the size by the thickness of your fish tank glass.

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Aquarium Cleaner Fish Tank Magnetic Double Sides Brush