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Create different bias tape widths with ease!


Save hours of tedious folding or from burning your fingers in trying to iron the perfect crease with the help of thisBias Tapes Sewing Helper!Itfolds fabric strips into perfect halvesup to the center with high precision so you canprevent having frayed edgesif your hands go a little bit shaky while you’re stitching.


The set comes in4 different sizes. each having a handle tokeep your fingers away from the hot ironwhen creating a crisp bias tape edge. This handy time-saving tool canhelp you turn any fabric into an accent. border. or trim. and even gives you the freedom to do it with the material of your choice.



  • GREAT ACCURACY:A precision tool that folds fabric into perfect halves and allows you to make bias tape from any fabric
  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT:Fast and easy bias tape making for appliqué or any sewing project
  • REMARKABLE RESULTS:Helps sewing projects look neat and professional with uniform edges
  • PRACTICAL:Cost-efficient than store-bought bias
  • TIME-SAVING:Speeds up your work while minimizing stress and errors
  • EASY TO USE:Just slip the tape in one end and pull it out the other as you iron
  • WIDELY USED:Easily DIY your own bias tape to make quilt binding seams. sewing. crafting. and little projects. like placemats. bibs. armhole. neckline. appliqué and so on
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY:Make bias tape from any material you like


How to Use

  • Cut the fabric into the correct width for the bias tape maker you’re using
  • Cut the end of the bias strip at an angle to feed through the tape maker
  • Feed the bias strip into the left side of the marker and pull it out from the right side as you iron



  • Material: Metal + Plastic
  • Size: 6mm. 12mm. 18mm. 25mm
  • Color: Blue. Red. Yellow. Green


Package Includes

  • 6mm Tape Maker (fit for fabric 12mm widths)
  • 12mm Tape Maker (fit for fabric 24mm widths)
  • 18mm Tape Maker (fit for fabric 36mm widths
  • 25mm Tape Maker (fit for fabric 46mm widths)

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Bias Tapes Sewing Helper