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Get those intense. defined curves in no time using this magic shapewear waist trainer!

An elastic bandage wrap that gives you an instant hourglass figure while sculpting your waist to retain its slender shape after frequent use. It is designed with smooth. quality materials that are gentle on all skin types to prevent irritation and discomfort while worn. Moreover. the waist trainer offers an easy anti-slip loop and velcro strap for your desired tightness and compression. It also has a seamless feature which allows it to be worn under most clothes anytime without being noticeable. Perfect even when you go for work. on a date. outings. cosplays. and more possibilities.

The waist wrap helps as well in improving body posture. back support. postpartum recovery. muscle health and abdomen tightening. It can even enhance workout and promotes sweating for a healthy. rapid weight loss. What’s more? This shapewear waist trainer can withstand continuous years of use while still retaining its excellent stretchiness unlike other products.

Smooth out any lumps on your tummy and get your shape on with this magic shapewear waist trainer!


  • Immediate Waist Slimming
    This innovative bandage wrap works in similar ways like corsets. but with an added greater twist and comfortability. It gives you an instant hourglass figure while simultaneously “training” the midsection to retain a slender shape after a prolonged frequent wear. The wrap’s pulling action even helps in cell detoxification and dissolving cellulite which also works in shedding fat and waist slimming. Providing you a healthy permanent change with immediate results.

  • Seamless and Breathable
    The magic tummy wrap features a soft fabric with excellent breathability that brings optimum comfort during daily wear or exercise. It is extremely flexible to prevent any restriction or interference when you bend and move. Additionally. the fine bandage is seamlessly designed so it can be worn under your clothes and stays invisible to other’s eyes. Perfect even when you go for work. on a date. outings. cosplays. and more possibilities.

  • Multi-Purpose Waist Wrap
    This elastic shapewear band not only works for reducing the waistline. but it also provides multiple benefits in the body. It can improve posture. postpartum recovery. and abdomen tightening to avoid excess fat bulging. Moreover. the waist trainer holds the muscles together to decrease muscle fatigue and supplies back support when working out. It even promotes sweating to accelerate weight loss and lastly. it increases motivation to exercise.

  • One Size Fits All
    The bandage wrap is equipped with a convenient loop for easy wearing and to prevent any slipping even when doing excessive movements. It comes with 6 pieces of velcro strips so you can wrap it around and adjust its tightness and strong compression to your comfort level. Furthermore. the band is 1.5 mm thick and is lengthened to fully cover the waist and abdomen.

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality natural latex and spandex material that can withstand daily use for a long time without damage. It is completely skin-friendly so it can be worn anytime with no irritations or itchiness. The waist shaper can also squeeze the midsection without experiencing hard breathing and negative effects on the user’s overall health.
  • Material: Nylon
  • Length: 4/5/6 m
  • Width: 10/13 cm
  • 1 xBody-shaping Elastic Waist Wrap

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Body-shaping Elastic Waist Wrap