Colorful Releasable Nylon Cable Ties (100pcs)



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Colorful Releasable Nylon Cable Ties can be easily locked in place.

Reusable: Reusable zip ties are easy to remove. re-open and reuse as many times as you require. You can just press the lock head to adjust lengths without cutting them.

Top-quality: The zip tie is made of PA-66 Nylon. which has high tensile strength. So it is durable. sturdy. safe. and environmentally friendly.

No-slip off: Our reusable zip ties are self-locking buckles that can be easily locked in place. They are with deep clear teeth. so there is no slip off although it is an easy retracted design.

Multiple uses: Zip ties are reusable for indoor and outdoor use: organize electrical TV wires and computer cords. cable management. strengthen cage. secure bike accessories.


Material: Nylon
Color:Yellow. Blue. Green.Red. White. Black.

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Black, Blue, Green, red, White, Yellow


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Colorful Releasable Nylon Cable Ties (100pcs)