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The Degree Temperature Change Hair Dye leaves your mane with two mood-changing shades that bring different hair color experience.

Rose Wright. USA

I bought two of these Degree Temperature Change Hair Dyes in black-silver shades because I wanted to test the product first before using it on the actual event. It was amazing and the color changing effect worked! When I blow dried it. it didn’t feel sticky at all. I put it to an all-day test and the hair didn’t feel a bit chalky. I’m definitely trying the other variants.


Alexa Flores.AUS

I’ve tried countless hair dyes and this one is definitely one of the best I’ve tried! The formula gave me the most vivid mood-changing shades and left a soft touch to the hair. Hair looks magical and doesn’t feel sticky. I love it!


Erin Hamilton. UK

I bought the Degree Temperature Change Hair Dye last week and tried it for the first time yesterday. and it was surprisingly easy to use. I let it air dry after application and the results were stunning. No mess. Just a vibrant color that really changes depending on the temperature.


Thermo-sensing. Shade-shifting Color that Captures Attention

The Degree Temperature Change Hair Dye gives your strands thermochromic pigment that changes hue with even a subtle shift in temperature. It uses thermochromic ink molecules that are heat-activated.

These active dye molecules have bonds that react to temperature and change stability and shape when the heat levels rise or shift. When the temperature rises and exceeds 18°C. the color pigment reflects more light. creating a surreal color-changing effect.

The Degree Temperature Change Hair Dye comes in an incredible range of shades that are suitable for all hair types and textures. So whether you have straight hair or wavy curls. your hair will pick up the pigments in this mood-changing hair dye with no problem.

This easy-to-appy hair dye keeps your hair smooth. soft. and silky while giving your hair a dazzling color transition and effect. Infused with argan oil. it nourishes the strands and locks in moisture to keep it bouncy and vibrant. It also contains keratin extract that makes hair smooth. full. and glossy. minimizing the frizz and making it easier to manage.

Product Features:

  • Temperature-sensitive color that changes according to the temperature
  • Available in a variety of vivid. shade-shifting colors that suits all hair types and styles
  • Suitable for professional use or household use
  • Easy to apply
  • Smooth color transition
  • Great for parties. nightclubs. costume parties. Halloween. Christmas. and other special events
  • Contains hair moisturizing ingredients that keep hair smooth and silky

I bought the Degree Temperature Change Hair Dye to try the latest craze in hair color. and I loved the results! This product has a good and safe formula for hassle-free DIY at home. After applying. I used a blow dryer and saw the amazing color set in and change. It was so pretty! Plus. it doesn’t feel tacky or sticky.” – Cristine Mercado. fashion influencer


How to use:

  • Do an allergy test 24 hours before use. Avoid using conditioner or oil before coloring.
  • Before dyeing your hair. apply skin cream around the hairline to reduce damage to the skin.
  • Wear plastic gloves and a cloak to avoid soiling.
  • Make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before applying the premix.
  • Leave it on and rinse off the dye.


Maddie Reed raves about the Degree Temperature Change Hair Dye.

I bought two shades of the Degree Temperature Change Hair Dye (pink blue. black silver) and wore it to two different events. It’s safe to say that my hair became the center of attention.

First use:

I wore it to my office’s year-end party and the color-changing shade drew a lot of eyeballs. The black silver shade was so pretty! I put on protective gloves when I applied it for the first time and although it did get a little messy. the vibrant and magical color was worth all the trouble! The color stayed vibrant throughout the party too. I loved it.

Second use:

A friend hosted a dinner party and I decided to wear the pink-blue shade of this hair dye. Throughout the party. my hair didn’t feel tacky and the color stayed on. I hope this color-changing hair trend stays for a long time ’cause I’m such a huge fan of it! And this product makes it easy to achieve that bold hair color look.


Product Specifications:

  • Product size: 13 x 6 x 4cm
  • Product weight: about 60g
  • Color: Purple. Yellow Green. Pink Blue. Black Silver
  • Ingredients: Argan oil. Keratin extract. Silicon dioxide. Sodium lauryl sulfate. Hydroxyethyl cellulose. Disodium EDTA. Oil. etc.


Package includes:

  • 1 x Degree Temperature Change Hair Dye

Additional information


Black Silver, Blue Pink, Green Yellow, Purple Pink


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Degree Temperature Change Hair Dye