Diamond Glitter Deft Bun Twisting Bow



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Create an eleganthairstyle in just 3 seconds with thisDeft Bun Twisting Bow! It has an in-laid diamonds that will make you look stunning when you wear it on an errand. night out and to a special event.

Stunning Hair Bow
It has a gorgeousdelicate rhinestones.just lovely and perfectto match a different outfit.

Quick Up Do
Put yourhair through the hole then twist downward. securing the hair. Then roll it inward until you feels it’s tight. roll the ends to make a bun and twist the endscreating a bow.

Different Hair Styles
You can use the twisting bow in any hairstyle that you want.This is ideal for hair up or half hair down.

Colors:Black with Rhinestone. Red with Rhinestone. White with Rhinestone. Velvet Burgundy. Velvet Black. Floral. Black Polka Dot. White Polka Dot

1 xDiamond Glitter Deft Bun Twisting Bow

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Black Polka Dot, Black With Rhinestone, Floral, Red With Rhinestone, Velvet Black, Velvet Burgundy, White Polka Dot, White With Rhinestone


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Diamond Glitter Deft Bun Twisting Bow