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No more old & grubby tile gaps loaded with mold stain!

DiamondWhite Tile Fixing Filler instantly renews dirty tiles with flexible bright white filling agent for 100% waterproof & moldproof protection.

Designed with a precision pointed applicator. it neatly fills up tile gaps without making a mess. Forget about endless scrubbing or buying new tiles!

The easy touch-up filler repels dirt. grease & grime for a long term protection with excellent moisture barrier & mildew-resistance. 100% non-toxic & Safe to use.

INSTANT WHITE: Restore grubby grouts to diamond bright white for a complete new look.

ULTRA SMOOTH: Formulated with flexible resin to smoothly fill any gaps with even finish.
EASY TO USE: Simply apply on old tiles and require no hard work of scrubbing tiles to save labor work.
WATERPROOF: Seal any seams & gaps with waterproof & moldproof shield.
COST SAVING: Low maintenance and cheaper DIY alternative to replacing new tiles.
SAFE TO USE: Non-toxic. odorless and bleach-free. Harmless & safe to use.
WIDE APPLICATION: Perfect for bath tiles. washbasin. toilet tiles. kitchen counter and more.


Size: 6 x 16 cm

Net Weight: 280 ML

Material: Water. Resin. Aluminum Oxalate Hydrate

Color: White


DiamondWhite Tile Fixing Filler

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DiamondWhite Tile Fixing Filler