Double Layer Rapid Dry Hair Towel



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Say goodbye to hair dryer! This polyester fiber towel wrap helps contribute to shiny. soft hair by removing as much moisture as possible.

An easy way to dry your hair quickly. discover the convenience of this absorbent hair towel. Transformyour morning routine now thatyou can put on makeup. and get dressed while your hair practically dries itself.


  • Quick Absorb:This polyester fiber towelcan absorb your hair moisture fast. for you to save time and effort with drying your hair.

  • Reduce Hair Frizz: Rubbing hair vigorously with a bath towel damages strands and promotes frizz. This double layer hair towel allows you to wrap your hair snugly and prevent rubbing.

  • Double Layer and a Lightweight Polyester Fiber: Made of polyester fiber. safe for your hair. A double layer towel wrap toquickly absorb the water from your hair. Plus it’s lightweight. so no heavy towel on your head means no neck pain or straining under its weight.

  • Nordic Color with Little Pet Pattern: It is designedin a different nordic shade of your choice and a cute animal embroidered on it’s side.

Material: Polyester Fiber
Colors: Blue. Pink. Yellow

1 x Double Layer Rapid Dry Hair Towel

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      Pink, Yellow


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      Double Layer Rapid Dry Hair Towel