EMS Heating Waists Vibration Belt



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Make your arm. legs. and ab muscles toner and stronger withthe new:EMS Heating WaistsVibrationBelt

Designed with EMS vibration and heat-trapping design. it strengthens your entire core byboosting sweat rateandmaximizing progress of burning.Effortless to wear and remove.

Made with a comfortable and breathable fabric. no marks and tight feeling!

The heat-trapping belt is designed toaccelerates sweat rate. and reduce waist circumference to help you slim down and achieve your body goals!

Tightens and strengthens your muscles. be stronger as ever.

Effortless shaping; with exercise and healthy diet. you can finally achieve the 6 packs you’ve been dreaming of.

Velcro Scratch-proof

Strongly Adhesive

4 Intensity levels

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EMS Heating Waists Vibration Belt