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Always feeling tired and fatigued? The EMS Leg Toning Massaging Mat helps by reducing soreness and tiredness using acupuncture points on feet.
As mentioned. the EMS Leg Toning Massaging Mat helps in relieving pain using acupuncture points. It has an intelligent detection that can perfectly match the size of your feet; which makes it more effective!
Using the pressure points on a human foot. this smart massaging mat helps improve blood circulation all over your body.
The EMS Leg Toning Massaging Mat has 6 different massage modes that can be adjusted based on your preference.
Skip the tiring exercise. Not only this can relieve pain and soreness. it can also help tone your legs!
Perfect for corporate people who get tired easily or because of working too much.
Can also help tone legs to make fats and cellulites disappear
Helps in losing fats on your legs as well!

Can be inserted with 2 AAA Batteries so it can be brought anywhere you go. It can also be plugged straight to electricity.
Dimensions: 32.5cm x 23.5cm
Battery Life: 240mAh
Material: PU Leather + EVA Foam Cotton Board
Package Inclusions: 1 * Main Machine
1 * Massage Pad
With or without 1 * USB Cable for charging

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EMS Leg Toning Massaging Mat