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The Eyes Fat Granules Removal Cream deeply penetrates the skin around the eyes. replenishing water and moisture for a lifting and firming effect.

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Millie Walsh. 28. USA

I got this Eyes Fat Granules Removal Cream. and this is the only product that has completely removed the pesky milia on my eyelids. Amazing formula! I cleanse and exfoliate properly. but for some reason. those tiny white bumps suddenly appeared and a regular moisturizer couldn’t even get rid of them. Thank goodness this stuff worked! The skin around the eyes looks smooth and hydrated now.


Caitlin Cook. 22. New Zealand

The formula of this eye treatment cream is really hydrating and has gentle ingredients. The first time I applied this around my eye. I didn’t experience any stinging and irritation. The texture is so light and easy to spread. Got rid of the few bumps.


Lydia Vergara. 33. AUS

I’ve tried countless eye creams with soothing. anti-aging. and brightening ingredients. but this is the best so far! This product made my eyes appear less sunken. The skin-plumping effect is beyond amazing! It moisturizes and reduces the appearance of my crow’s feet. Plus. the dark circles have lightened significantly. Such a huge steal!


Fat granule. also known as milia. is a tiny bump that looks similar to whiteheads and often pop up near the eyes. cheeks. and sometimes on the arms. This small. white bump. which typically appears as clusters. is caused by keratin (a protein that is naturally found in the skin. hair. and nails) and dead skin that build up underneath the skin’s surface. Skin flakes and keratin get trapped and form a pus-filled bump when the skin loses its ability to exfoliate naturally.

Squeezing or picking at these pesky fat granules shouldn’t be an option. If you want to completely get rid of them without hurting your skin. opt for a non-invasive. skincare-based solution instead.

The Eyes Fat Granules Removal Cream contains mild but potent natural ingredients that combat fat granules (milia). It effectively penetrates into the eye muscle base. gently exfoliates the skin to reduce fat granules and small particles. and brings new. healthy cells to the surface.

This cream is infused with natural ingredients that provide a safe treatment. It contains:

  • Saffron to detoxify and boost blood flow in the eye area. increasing the skin’s ability to heal itself.
  • Gentian to provide moisture and hydration. treat fat particles. and ease swelling and puffiness around the eyes. This ingredient’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties can help soothe irritated skin and protect it from harmful microorganisms.
  • Geranium flower extract to help remove syringoma. a skin-colored. firm bump that resembles a pimple and is caused by overactive sweat glands. It contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that purify and calm skin and speed up its healing process.

Aside from treating milia. syringoma. and flat particles. this eye treatment cream also addresses various signs of skin aging such as eye wrinkles and fine lines. It intensely nourishes and deeply hydrates the skin around the eyes. filling the gaps with moisture. Plus. the eye cream is infused with active ingredients that brighten dark under-eye circles and soothing plant extracts that reduce eye puffiness and bags.

Benefits of Using the Eyes Fat Granules Removal Cream:

  • Deeply penetrates the skin around the eyes to remove buildup and gently exfoliate. effectively getting rid of the fat granules (milia). syringoma. and flat particles from the surface
  • Supports skin cell turnover
  • Fills fine lines and eye wrinkles with intensive moisture. reducing their appearance
  • Lightens dark under-eye area
  • Reduces eye bags and puffiness
  • Firms and lifts the eye-area skin. making it more elastic
  • Contains mild but potent combination with a blend of natural ingredients
  • Can also be used to remove white bumps on areas around the face and body

β€œI highly recommend the Eyes Fat Granules Removal Cream to remove stubborn white bumps on your eye area. This product doesn’t have a thick. pore-clogging formula that could worsen milia. which you can get at any age. These tiny cysts form when keratin. dead skin cells. and sebum get trapped beneath the skin surface. So using an eye treatment that doesn’t feel super heavy and fast to absorb is important. The Eyes Fat Granules Removal Cream fits all the criteria.”Dr. Tina Farber. a San Diego. California-based dermatologist


Michele Santiago raves about the efficacy of the Eyes Fat Granules Removal Cream and how it completely got rid of her milia in less than a month.

I found small. textured white bumps under the eyes and some on my chin. and had no idea what they are. much less how to get rid of them. After sme reading. I found out that they are called milia and that it wasn’t a good idea to squeeze or extract them. So I decided to try the Eyes Fat Granules Removal Cream.

Week 1:

The first time I used this eye cream. I was pleasantly surprised by its rich but quick to absorb texture. The cream didn’t feel heavy on the eye-area skin. and it was such a breeze to apply. No irritation or stinging. No visible improvement on the milia yet. but I saw the depuffing effect.

Week 2:

By this time. the fat granules seemed to have flattened a bit. But the significant difference that I saw was that my dark under-eyes have lightened. Wow! This eye treatment cream was such a versatile. hardworking product.

Week 3:

The milia that refused to go away with just a regular face moisturizer was now completely gone. all thanks to the Eyes Fat Granules Removal Cream! I will definitely continue using this. This has become my go-to eye cream because it not just treats my milia. but also brightens. depuffs. and moisturizes the eye-area skin. I love it!


Product Specifications:

  • Net weight: 30g
  • Core ingredients: Saffron. Gentian. Geranium flower extract


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1 x Eyes Fat Granules Removal Cream

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Eyes Fat Granules Removal Cream