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The Facial Lift V-Line Strap shapes your jaw. reduces wrinkles. and prevents aging! Shape your jaw and keep that fresh and young looking face!

Skip those face exercises you always do just to achieve a slim jawline!

Includes a V-shape Mask that can accelerate metabolism and boost lymphatic system which helps in soothing water and fats around the face.

The V-Line Strap for Facial Lift is designed to stretch to fit your face. Its slimming band is also adjustable. making it ideal for people of all shapes and sizes.

The V-Line Strap for Facial Lift helps in slimming your face down. achieving that model features. and highlighting your jawline and face shape!

Adjustable so it could fit your face without hassle and also has an ear-hanger design that lets you hear clearly even when it’s wrapped around your face.

For better results and immediate slimming. apply along with your favorite thin face mask or the included V-Line face mask.

1. Measure length
2. Apply thin face mask
3. Fix. tighten. and fasten the belt
4. Wait 30-40 mins
5. Remove and massage face
6. Measure results

Materials: Elastic fibers/band
Colors: Black and Pink
Weight: 0.03kg
Mask Ingredients: Anti-oxidation. Q10 Coenzyme
FDA Approved (No irritating or harmful substances)

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Facial Strap + 5pcs Slimming Mask


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Facial Lift V Line Strap