Fall Off Skin Tag Gel



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Fast acting and effective wart creampenetrates andworks quickly
from the inside of the wart.
breaking down the structure of the wart
from the inside you the result that you want

Effective treatment. in just 7 days you can see a result!
Say goodbye to your skin tags in just a week.
Relief discomfort โ€“ Ease the pain and discomfort associated
with wart growth.
Wart Cream reduces friction on the surface
of the wart so that irritation caused by movements
or contact is relieved.
Regain your silky flawlessly growth
effortlessly and immediately!

OurSkin Tag remover is safe even for children. who often gets warts from their active
lifestyle. With adult can use wart cream too!

Dimensions: 3cm x 12cm
Net Weight: 20g
Cream Content: 20g
Package Inclusion: Fall Off Skin Tag Gel (x1)

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Fall Off Skin Tag Gel