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Enjoy futuristic fun in your palm!

No more boring days with Flying Fidget Spinner! With motion sensors. you could easily direct its movement. making it entertaining and fun!

The Flying Fidget Spinner is a lightweight. easy to use. and rechargeable indoor and outdoor toy.

Fitted with LED lights that are not only entertaining but also reduce stress and are perfect for kids and teens.

The Flying Fidget Spinner is also rechargeable using a Type C connector.


  • Perfect Indoor and Outdoor Toy– Entertain yourself anytime and anywhere with the Flying Fidget Spinner.
  • Rechargeable- No need to buy batteries because the Flying Fidget Spinner is rechargeable with a TYPE C connector.
  • Lightweight- With its small size. it’s also lightweight at 20 grams. making the Flying Fidget Spinner portable as well!
  • Uncomplicated Operation- Simply twist the power button to “on” and spin the body and you’re good to go!
  • Stress Relief- Take a break and relax with Flying Fidget Spinner.
  • LED Lights- Flying Fidget Spinner has LED lights for maximum entertainment. Enjoy watching the colors change as you play with the Flying Fidget Spinner.

Point Form

  • Slide power option to “ON” located at one of the ends to switch on the Flying Fidget Spinner.
  • Hold the Flying Fidget Spinner by the top and bottom and give the middle part a firm spin.
  • Let go of the device and enjoy.
  • Use hand motions to manipulate the direction of the device.
  • To halt the rotation of the Flying Fidget Spinner. simply press your palm against the middle part.


Size:4cm x 8cm

Weight: 20g

Package Includes

X1 Flying Fidget Spinner

X1 Type C connector

Additional information


Black, Blue, red

Value Set

1pc, 2pcs (Save 40% on 2nd pc!)


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Flying Fidget Spinner