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These Furniture Scratches Touch-Up Markers will let you fill in scratches. scuffs. and damage on any color of wood – so fast & easy!
Simply draw over the scratch. allow it to quickly dry. and watch the scratches disappear. They’re handy for small cover up and even some big ones!
They’re very handy for family use and take minimal effort to use. It’s safe and ideal to use for any kind of wooden furniture.


Quick Scratch Cover Up: Handy tool for filling in scratches. scuffs. and small damages on furniture.
Easy to Use:
Simply draw over the scratch. allow it to quickly dry. and watch the scratch disappear permanently!
Ideal for Any Kind of Wooden Furniture: Safe on any type of wood and any kind of furniture in your home.
Scrub Resistant & Waterproof:
The touch up dries easily and will last long.
Economical & Convenient:
One marker can do a lot of touch ups. You don’t need to hire professionals for expensive repairs!


Material:environmental protection wax
Length: 11 cm


2 pcs or 5 pcs xFurniture Scratches Touch-Up Markers

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2 pcs Set A, 2 pcs Set B, 2 pcs Set C, 2 pcs Set D, 5 pcs Set E, 5 pcs Set F, 5 pcs Set G, 5 pcs Set H


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Furniture Scratches Touch-Up Markers