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Ginger Essential Oil Soap Handmade Soapmake the skin moist and smooth.Helps clear up skin from the first use.

Ginger Essential Oil Soap Handmade Soap specially theginger extract can make the skin soft.remove acne or wrinkles. and make the skin white.

CLEANSES SKIN: Gingersoap is formulated with skin-cleansingginger powder andcoconut oil to help even out skin tone and fade the appearance of scars and spots.

GREAT FOR FACE & BODY: Use thisGinger Essential Oil Soapon your face and body for an all-over treatment. The nourishing formula will make your body glow from head to toe.

FIGHTS ACNE & WRINKLES: This ginger cleansing soap can be used as a spot treatment for stubborn acne and wrinkles. It also includesolive oil toimprove skin and elasticity.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made with natural ingredients including ginger essence. olive oil. coconut oil. palm oil. almond oil. ionized water. this ginger soapfor acne will help treat skin without causing any irritation.

1. Wet skin
2. Lather soap into your hands.
3. Apply to your face or body and leave on for 10-30 seconds to penetrate.
4. Rinse skin thoroughly and pat dry.

For acne spot treatment. apply lathered soap to the affected area and leave on for 10-30 seconds for up to 2 times daily.

Net Weight: 100g (g/ml)

Package Include: 1 xGinger Essential Oil Soap Handmade Soap

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Ginger Essential Oil Soap Handmade Soap