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Continued use of the GlowUp BB Cream Spray reduces the appearance of flaws and firms and tones the skin over time.

Maisie Ward. UK

I purchased the GlowUp BB Cream Spray and I was amazed at the instant skin whitening and glow-enhancing benefits this product gives to my complexion! It covers up pretty much all the skin imperfections and discoloration while creating a sheer. smooth finish. The best part is it lasts all day!


Julia Smith. AU

This BB cream spray looks natural on my skin when it dries. It really doesn’t look like I put on a thick. cakey foundation on my face. neck. and arms. Skin tone looks evened out and fresh! I’m using this spray everyday and it functions both as a concealer and BB cream. I love it!


Jade Lowe. USA

I was a bit hesitant to try this because it comes in a spray packaging and light formula but I read glowing reviews. I’m glad I decided to give this product a try! This works great if you want to get the perfect look and coverage for your face and body. It dries to a smooth. natural-looking finish and whitens complexion almost instantly. Over time. you will notice your skin’s texture improving. It feels hydrating too.


Introducing the GlowUp BB Cream Spray – A foundation and concealer for the entire body!

The GlowUp BB Cream Spray combines the complexion-evening benefits of a foundation and the long-lasting. natural-looking coverage of a concealer. With just a few sprays. it can hide pesky flaws on your face. legs. arms. and other parts of your body and lightens skin tone.

This BB cream spray contains botanical ingredients that effectively moisturizes and whitens the skin in your body. giving you flawless. naturally glowing complexion in an instant. The non-greasy. tone-correcting formula conceals scars. skin discoloration. blemishes. and other skin imperfections as it works to intensively lighten your complexion and keep it smooth. supple. and hydrated.

You don’t need to worry about the cream running when you step out in the rain or melting while you’re sweating and doing activities in hot weather. Its lightweight. waterproof formula dries quickly with a skin-like finish and makes your complexion look naturally white and beautiful while leaving no streaks behind.

Benefits of Using the GlowUp BB Cream Spray:

  • Whitens the facial and body skin in an instant
  • Moisturizes the skin. making it soft. supple. and smooth
  • Acts as a natural concealer that hides dark spots. blemishes. and skin imperfections
  • Comes in a lightweight. non-greasy. water-resistant formula for long-lasting. smooth coverage
  • Lightens scars. dark spots. and uneven skin tone over time
  • Perfect for all skin types and in any weather conditions

β€œThe GlowUp BB Cream Spray is incredible! I used this spray on my face. arms. ad legs and it instantly blurs away flaws while whitening and toning my skin. This has a water-resistant and weightless formula that melts into my skin effortlessly and stays put for hours. Amazing product!” – Jenny Martinez. beauty editor


Jennifer Anderson raves about the GlowUp BB Cream Spray.

I was skeptical about creams that come in spray-on. liquid formulas. but the GlowUp BB Cream Spray completely blew my mind!

Week 1:

I used this for the first time while I was staying at home the whole day. I put it to an all-day test first before actually using the product outside for fear of it streaking or running down my arms and legs. I was surprised that it worked great! I was doing chores and sweating almost the whole day and it stayed put. I was impressed with the waterproof. non-sticky formula and the smooth. white. satin-like finish.

Week 2:

I’ve been using this BB cream spray for almost two weeks. It officially replaced my trusty foundation and concealer. It was really effective in hiding the blemishes and uneven complexion.

Week 3:

I was surprised that continued use of this product helped fade the small scars and sunspots in my face and arms. I wasn’t expecting the extra benefits! This has officially reached the holy grail status for me. I’ll always keep a bottle of this in my drawer and purse.


Product Specifications:

  • Net weight: 20ml
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Packing size:10 x 2.6 x 2.6cm
  • Scope of application: Face & Body
  • Skin Type: All skin types

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GlowUp BB Cream Spray