Halloween Luminous tattoo paste and UV flashlight



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These luminous tattoo stickers adopt a luminous design. which can emit light and display fluorescent colors. The luminous effect can last for several hours each time the light is turned on. This will help you shine in the crowd and give you a good experience

Glowing in the Dark Tattoos

It only takes a few seconds to illuminate these tattoos. and by illuminating them in advance under lights or sun lamps. the Halloween-themed temporary tattoo stickers for kids will be even brighter. Glow in the dark Halloween tattoo stickers can not only be applied to your hands. arms. legs. back. shoulders. and face. but also on the refrigerator. cups. laptops. books. or anywhere you want!

Durable. waterproof. and removable

Can be used for 3-5 days. depending on how many times you shower and how many times you scrub the tattoo with soap and water. easily adheres within 10-20 seconds with just water. and easily removes with just a light rubbing of alcohol. body oil. and olive oil.

Halloween Gift for Kids

Fluorescent tattoos are perfect for children’s parties. with UV purple flashlights for better results. suitable for girls. boys Halloween costumes. decorations. gift bags. rewards. trick-or-treating party bags fillers. gift accessories. or prizes. children. carnival parties. role-playing parties!


Brand Gooditemmall
Product Dimensions Luminous tattoo paste:12×7.5cm

UV flashlight:8.7×2.6cm

Weight Luminous tattoo paste:3g

UV flashlight:40g

Material Luminous tattoo paste: Water film paper. ink. glue. etc.

UV flashlight: Aluminum alloy

Color Random
Package Include 1x Luminous tattoo paste/UV flashlight

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Ei-131, Ei-132, Ei-133, Ei-134, Ei-135, Ei-136, Ei-137, Ei-138, Ei-139, Ei-141, UV flashlight(Black)


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Halloween Luminous tattoo paste and UV flashlight