Hand-operated Chain Sharpener



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Aluminum alloy Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Jig Hand-operated Chain Sharpener Portable Household Chain Sharpener


Adjustable height. suitable for basic chain saws

Material Aluminum alloy
Sharpened front angle 30°
Adaptation model All chain saws
Size 86x56x36.5MM


1.Use the chain saw chain grinding fixture to make your chain saw as sharp as new. making your work more time-saving and labor-saving.

2.Easy to use as a pencil sharpener:just set the clamp to the rod. position the pawl on the tooth. insert the burr into the guide sleeve. and turn the handle.

3.Every time you grind a tooth. you only need to pull the chain. The precise sharpening can ensure that every tooth is repaired.

4.The pawl acts as a stop to ensure accurate and repeatable tooth positioning.

5.Standard 30° sharpened front angle. can be used for all chain saws.

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1XChainsaw Chain Sharpening Jig


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Hand-operated Chain Sharpener