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March 9 2021

” After purchasing this product. I’ve been using it for about a week and a half and the first thing I noticed is the itching and the bad odor is reduced greatly. Also my toenails is slightly getting lighter. I always have sweaty feet that really caused the fungal infection. Using this patch prevents bacteria and fungi from building up around my foot. ” –★★★★★ Lory. Berlin

April 24 2021

” After a month of using this patch I’m very surprise how great the results has been! My toenails starts growing and the fungus completely gone. and no more smelly feet! I’m so happy about the progress! Still continue to use it as it the color is still yellowish. but I’m very satisfied with the result! ” –★★★★★Lory. Berlin

May 17 2021

” THIS PRODUCT WORKS!!! Not that my toenails is completely back to normal. It makes it new again too! Now I can wear sandals again that I can’t in the last few years because of fungal infections. Thank you for this amazing product. my confidence is back and insecurities is gone! ” –★★★★★Lory. Berlin


Bacteria and fungus are the responsible for smelly feet. There are many kinds of bacteria on the bottom of your feet. These bacteria live off the sweat that your feet are constantly producing. When they feed on the sweat. the bacteria create an acid that causes foot odor.

Herbal Essence Sterilization Deodorant Shoe Patch cure and prevent 80 types of fungal infections. Eliminates toe & foot fungus with natural herbal ingredients.Its essence delivers the fungus treatment around infected areas. stopping fungus from spreading.

Each useof the patch works to reduce the appearance effective solution for damaged and discolored toe nails cause by fungi and bacteria. Making toenails look clear and healthy again.

Our product use high quality plant fibers with the addition of refined herbal extractsto effectively eliminate foot and shoe odor.Absolutely natural and environmentally friendly. without adding harmful chemical ingredients to the body.

  • Antibacterial Plant Extract – Exhibited significant antimicrobial activity and showed properties that support folkloric use in the treatment of some diseases as broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents. Thus. It is well anchored in its traditional uses has now found wide-spread acceptance across the world.
  • Lemon Essence– With antiseptic and anti-fungal properties.lemon oil can help to eliminate many of the side effects of a fungal infection.
  • Peppermint Essence -This minty oil has a soothing. cooling effect on the skin. It is a very effective essential oil for athlete’s foot as it will fight off the odor. fungal infection. and itch that comes along with it.
  • Final Synthetic Essence – Made with synthetically derived raw materials. It stops smelly feet and eliminate odors. Kills the bacteria leading to your smelly feet.

This odor eliminator patch works on any shoes. socks or even soles. Whether you’re an athlete. a working professional. a nurse or a club sports player. this sneaker. boot and shoedeodorant was developed for to keep you on your feet!

  • Say goodbye to stinky feet
  • Plenty of odor fighting power
  • Cool down and refresh tired feet
  • Resolves onychomycosis
  • Prevent and kills bacteria and fungi infections
  • Great for daily routine


Clinically proven to effectively cure more than 80 types of fungi and significantly reduce the number of fungi. according to a 9-month study.All ingredients are sourced from trusted quality suppliers and every batch is Natural. Non-GMO. Paraben Free. Cruelty Free. Lab Tested!


” I’ve tried numerous products to get rid off foot problems and still the fungi and odor would return. As a runner and triathlete I’ve always had smelly feet and fungi nails on at least 4 or 6 toes. I purchased my first box and finished it within 2.5 weeks. And it proved to be the most effective product YET that my smelly feet gradually improves too. So I order another box to rid the last 3% of fungi remaining. I would easily do a commercial for this product validating its effectiveness! And the price on this shop makes it worth it. ” – ★★★★★Dennis.Hamburg

I began taking a prescription for my toe fungus issues. but my doctor told me that I could also use topical treatments while my nail grows out. Total game-changer! This patch has been great – I love that I can use it on any shoeswhile getting rid of bad odor at the same time. I noticed a significant difference after 1 week. and have seen steady development along the way. “- ★★★★★ Betty. Dresden


  • Step 1:Place one into each shoe before use for better smelling shoes.
  • Step 2:Shoes will start smelling better immediately and will be completely sterilized within a handful of hours.
  • Step 3:Can be usefor up to 1 week.

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Herbal Essence Sterilization Deodorant Shoe Patch