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The Ice Silk Cooling Sleeve is suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities as it protects your arm from direct sun exposure. heat. and UV rays reflection.

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Harrison Anderson. Richmond Virginia

I’ve tried many arm sleeves from different brands. and so far. this has the best fit! I love that it has a wearable feature that prevents the sleeve from riding up. I can easily move around without it falling off. This product is also true to its “cooling and moisture-wicking” claims. The material dries quickly and prevents sweat buildup. Very suitable for outdoor activities.


Lydia Edwards. San Diego. California

The Ice Silk Cooling Sleeve has the perfect combo of function and quality. The fabric is washable and reusable. I’ve worn this on numerous outdoor events. and it never disappoints. This prevents sunburn in my arms. Really shields my skin from the intense summer sun. Really one of the best arm sleeves! It feels cool and comfortable on my skin.


Celeste Mcgee. Miami. Florida

Comfortable. Well-designed. High-quality material. Superb sun protection. This product has everything I’m looking for in an arm sleeve. I really. really appreciate its anti-slip and snug fit design. Keep the sleeve in place even when I’m moving around. Arms feel fresh and cool even in heat. Love it!


Good thing the Ice Silk Cooling Sleeve comes with all the important features that you’re looking for in an arm sleeve.

The Ice Silk Cooling Sleeve combines excellent UV protection with breathable. cooling comfort. Its sun protection factor works harder than your regular sunblock. which typically provides only 2 to 3 hours of UV protection. This sunscreen sleeve’s innovative UPF 50+ protection technology is designed to block over 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays and heat. giving you sufficient sun protection while you’re wearing it.

The quick-drying. moisture-wicking properties of this sun protection sleeve keep your arms dry and comfortable and feel cooler than bare skin. It is made with soft. stretchy nylon material with cooling ice silk yarn that almost feels like it has shredded ice in it. The fabric’s quick ventilation and breathability let the air flow naturally through your arms and give a cooling effect. which prevents you from being a sweaty mess and disrupting your under-the-sun activity.

The minimalist. one-size-fits-all design. which makes it perfect for both men and women. features an ultra elastic wrap that holds the arm sleeve in the correct position without moving. while allowing maximum freedom of arm movement.

This elastic gripper is especially beneficial for outdoor workers. enthusiasts or athletes who spend long hours under the sun as it keeps the sleeve in place and prevents it fromloosening or falling down your arm. So whether you’re out jogging. biking or gardening. this ice silk armguard sleeve will provide the long-lasting sun protection your arm needs.

Benefits of Wearing the Ice Silk Cooling Sleeve:

  • Made of soft and elastic nylon material with ice silk technology that keeps your skin cool and fresh
  • Blocks heat and UVA and UVA rays that are harmful to the skin
  • Prevents excessive sweating with its fast-drying. moisture-wicking. breathable fabric
  • Comfortable. stretchable. anti-UV arm sleeve fits most sizes and doesn’t restrict arm movements
  • Features a soft. elastic gripper that keeps the sleeve in place
  • Provides mild compression that is great for faster muscle recovery and better blood circulation
  • Gives all-season wear for men and women. It can be used as a sun protection arm sleeve in hot weather or an indoor arm warmer.
  • Perform for outdoor activities such as running. biking. motorcycle riding. hiking. gardening. etc.

β€œOn a typical day of golf. a player usually is exposed to between 5-6 hours of sun and sometimes even more. The simple fact is that the coverage from trees and the golf carts isn’t enough to prevent sun damage from happening. What is even more shocking is that features such as sandpits and ponds can actually reflect UV rays. only increasing a golfer’s exposure. Sun arm sleeves are an inexpensive and easy fix for minimizing sun exposure.” – Golfers Authority


Tina Rowland. an adventure seeker. raves about the Ice Silk Cooling Sleeve

I love outdoor activities. from biking and running to hiking. So I was constantly looking for garments or anything that offers extra sun protection without compromising comfort. and this Ice Silk Cooling Sleeve offers a solution!

First use:

I have twice-a-week running workouts. and this arm sleeve has been perfect for me. When I sweat. the fabric really absorbs and evaporates the sweat quickly before they even start dripping down my hands. Amazing comfort and did not in any way restrict my arm movement while running.

Second use:

I bought this on a weekend day hike as the sun can be really intense during the afternoon. This really helped prevent red and achy sunburns. The fit was amazing and it did not slip. Not even once.

Third use:

I love that the Ice Silk Cooling Sleeve is so durable and can be machine washed. I used this again while bike riding. and it really gives extra sun protection and wearing comfort. It feels cool and light on the skin but effective in blocking the sun. Amazing product! I’ll try the other colors.

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Product Specifications:

  • Material: Nylon
  • Cuff Style: Thumbhole. Regular
  • Color: Black. White. Gray. Skintone. Pink. Blue. & Purple


Package Includes:

1 pair x Ice Silk Cooling Sleeve

Additional information

Cuff Style

Regular, Thumbhole


Black, Blue, GREY, Pink, Skin, White


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Ice Silk Cooling Sleeve