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The Ice Silk Cooling Women’s Socks’s stretchable. low-cut design pairs well with a variety of shoe types and sizes. providing cooling comfort and minimizing foot sweat.

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Leila Jordan. 25. USA

I wore these cooling socks with my leather mules and they never slipped down. trapped heat and sweat or hurt my feet in any way. Amazing. breathable comfort without the added bulkiness. I will definitely buy them again in bulk and in different colors!


Maya Cheng. 20.US

I love the almost invisible design of the Ice Silk Cooling Women’s Socks. I bought two pairs (white and flesh) and I like that I can pair them with different shoes. Even heels! It’s thin but offers the cushiony support I need to prevent blisters and calluses. No sweat buildup with this product. My feet feel comfortable and fresh every time I use it.


Hazel Knight. 28. UK

Great material. features. and weightless feet support. These socks even work well with the slimmest of flats. A pair of these ice silk cooling socks will hug your feet comfortably in all the right places and provide cooling. blister-free wear. I love how super comfortable it feels on my feet.


Embarrassed about your sweaty. smelly feet or tired of peeking socks that ruin your overall vibe? Before you take the sockless route that may cause blisters to your feet or worsen the odor or sweating. try a no-show sock that offers a blend of comfort and functionality.

The revolutionary design and features of these invisible socks will prevent your feet from sweating profusely while giving you a secure fit and comfortable support. and the Ice Silk Cooling Women’s Socks fit all the criteria.

Comfort Wearing + Temperature Control

The Ice Silk Cooling Women’s Socks is made up of ultra 1mm foot wrap. soft bottom padding sole. and extreme elastic weave that take wearing comfort to the next level. This super stretchy. no-show sock gives a secure. anti-slip fit that stays put. preventing rubbing that causes blisters and alleviating pain in your heels as you walk. The design wraps the feet cozily without the bulky feeling.

A pair of the Ice Silk Cooling Women’s Socks is perfect for those sneakers. running or hiking shoes. loafers. leather mules. and ballet flats that your feet always sweat in. This invisible sock is made of cooling ics silk yarn that makes it breathable and sweat-proof.

The sweat-wicking material enhances ventilation of your feet. keeping it fresh and dry even in high temperatures. As it absorbs and wicks away moisture. it helps fight odor caused by the contact of sweat from feet and dust.

The Ice Silk Cooling Women’s Socks Features:

  • Thin. non-slip. and low-cut design wraps the foot comfortably without adding bulk
  • Soft bottom padding sole adds a cushiony support and prevents rubbing. blisters. and pain when your feet hit the pavement or any surface.
  • Elastic weave adheres to any foot shape or size
  • Made with cooling ics silk yarn that regulates temperature. preventing heat buildup
  • Breathable. sweat-proof material wicks away moisture that leads to excessive sweating and odor
  • No-show design is suitable for different types of shoes and won’t clash with your outfit
  • Keeps your feet fresh and dry even when you move around or perform sports activities in summer

β€œIf you haven’t tried the Ice Silk Cooling Women’s Socks yet. what are you waiting for? I bought a pair of these. and they work well with any shoes I put on! The non-bulky cushioned support of these socks are surprisingly good. considering that it comes in a thin. barely-there design. Plus. it prevents sweaty feet! I highly recommend these socks.” – Marina Santiago. fashion guru and content creator


Celine Fowler tried wearing the Ice Silk Cooling Women’s Socks in three different shoes and this is what she has to say:

I’m actually sick of peeking socks that ruin an otherwise cute outfit. So wearing an invisible sock is a must for me. I bought a pair of the Ice Silk Cooling Women’s Socks. and they have become a wardrobe staple for me.

First use:

I love wearing sneakers but not a fan of showing off socks while wearing them. I wore this cooling sock with a pair. and they worked pretty well! It helped prevent my feet from sweating. Unlike other socks. these did not trap the heat. Felt so comfy but offered the support my feet needed.

Second use:

These socks were washable and reusable. and didn’t fall apart with multiple uses. Tried wearing this again when I went to the yoga studio. And the ultra thin. comfortable socks didn’t clash with my pair of leggings.

Third use:

This is the perfect. low-profile sock that is great even for running. It gives a secure fit and just the right cushiony support while I run. Plus. no smelly and sweaty feet post-workout. I love it!


Product Specifications:

  • Material: Cotton. Ice silk yarn
  • Unit: 0.015kg
  • Color: Black. Pink. Skintone. White. Haze Blue. Pink. Ash. Purple. Matcha Green


Package Includes:

  • 1 pair x Ice Silk Cooling Women’s Socks

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Ice Silk Cooling Women’s Socks