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Walk and run freely without worrying about thigh chafing!
No more struggling to cope with sweaty inner thighs. thigh chafing and thigh rash? This invisible chafe tape is here to end those days!
Enjoy easy running and walking without chafing caused by friction as you walk! Our ultra slim invisible tapes stops your thighs from rubbing against one another as you walk!
Feel nothing as you walk with our feathery. breathably thin anti-chafing tapes! The ultra elastic materials makes sure the tape adhere to your skin no matter your size!
No more peeky awkwardness! Our invisible tapes comes in a transparent appearance so you can use it even when you’re wearing shorts or skirts!
The surface and the adhesives are both created with waterproof coating that keeps the tape in place in any situations. even during sports!
  1. Peel off the protector lid and apply the tape over your thigh area where chafing happens
  2. Press down to secure the tape and peel off the surface protector lid along the blue line

  • Dimensions: 11.5*9cm
  • Weight: 40g
  • Materials: premium hypoallergenic PU

    • (6PCs Pack) 6* Invisible Anti Chafing Thigh Tape
    • (12PCs Pack) 12*Invisible Anti Chafing Thigh Tape

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      Invisible Anti Chafing Thigh Tape