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TheINVISIBLE LIFT-UP BRAhelps women of all shapes and sizes reach their desired look. Theadhesive tape withprofessional fittingoffers ultimate support tolift up your breastsand tocreatenatural cleavage. The result is a perky. full. and busty look that will gives all women the confidence to wear any outfit.

Made ofmedical-graded material. they are guaranteed to beskin-friendly.breathableandnot to cause any redness. Theystick to your boobs wellwithout falling off yet it iseasy to remove them. Thewell-hiddenfeature allows you to wear various outfits even V-neck collar tops.


  • Product Type:Rabbit-Ear Push-Up Bra Tapes
  • Sizes Available:
    • 9.5cm for Cup A โ€“B
    • 11cm for CupC โ€“D
    • 13cm for CupE -F
    • 15cm for CupG-H



Get a smooth look while holding and enhancing the shape of your breast using ourDeep V INVISIBLE LIFT-UP BRA

Gives your breast sexy lift and leaves no trace on removing.

An amazing alternative toplus size strapless brasor plus size push up bras. asINVISIBLE LIFT-UP BRAcomes in 3 different variants that fit any woman withcupsize between A-H. It’s different sizes work well for small to large breast.

Adds a sweet lift to the women with a small breast for a perkier appearance.

Makes the life of women with larger breast a lot simpler. as it holds the bulky breast well enough and adds a beautiful firm shape to them.

Suitable for wearing anydeep v-neck orlow-cut. see-through outfits.

If yes is the answer to any of the questions below. you should definitely grab this best coveragedeep v rabbit bra.

Customer questions & answers:

1. Does yourstick on bra barely sticks on your chest and doesn’t pushyour twins together or lift them up?

Gone are the days when you have to worry about your breast not looking fuller using the bra tapes or ordinary stick-on bras. OurINVISIBLE LIFT-UP BRAScreates a visible lift in the bust area giving your boobs a lovelier and perkier appearance. It’s cute rabbitears don’t let your breast appear saggy/small and pushesthem up.

2.Are you afraid that yourstick on bra might fall off at some point for they are not sticky enough?

However. that’s not the issue with thisINVISIBLE LIFT-UP BRA. It stays tight on the breast even with dancing activities and stretching movements. Keeps you comfortable andtension free.Sticks well and good enough to use it over and over again if taken care properly.

3.Does yourstick on bra offer a painless removal from the nipple area?

The removal of thisINVISIBLE LIFT-UP BRAis painless and it doesn’t rip off your soft and sensitive nipples. These are made thoughtfully withan opening in the sticky part for the nipples to stay secure.

4.Do you think of whether you have a perfect bra to fit in those low cut dresses that caught your eyes?

With ourINVISIBLE LIFT-UP BRA. you can wear any strapless. backless. Bardot. tube or wedding dresses.deep V-neck. swimsuits. etc. Wear anything you want without having to think about what type of bra to wear it with.

5.Does yourstick on bra cause itching and irritation in your breast? Does it feel sweaty and then losing its hold due to moisture?

OurLIFT-UP BRAare made with skin-friendly and medical-grade silicone that does not cause skin irritation. It’s also sweat-proof with the tiny holes in the curve to let the moisture breath out.

6.Does your stick onbra losing its stickiness after multiple uses?

Use thisINVISIBLE LIFT-UP BRAover and over again with strong stickiness. Follow the care instructions below to maintain its stickiness over time.

7. Would it be convenient for you to cut down yourstick on bra according to your dress coverage?

Yes. you heard it right! You can scale down theselift up invisiblebrasby cutting down the rabbit ears up to three different marks according to the deep cut appearance of your dresses.

8. Would you like to have a bra with an invisible design. delicate bra-less feeling?

You would barely notice thisLIFT-UP BRAto be on. It’s thin edge and thicker padding in the center provides a natural or invisible look even under sheer clothing and pumps up your boobs for a beautiful lift.


  • Type:Rabbit lift up invisible bra
  • Style:Rabbit Ear Shape adhesive push up bras.
  • Material:Silicone. Polyester
  • Diameter:9-15 cm


  • 1 Pair / 2 Pairs / 5 Pairs xInvisible Lifting Brassiere

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11cm (C-D Cup), 13cm (E-F Cup), 15cm (G-H Cup), 9cm (A-B Cup)


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Invisible Lifting Brassiere