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We combine raw naturals & science to make the finest patches that remove acne breakouts. relieve inflammation. and give results. It is non-stimulating on all skin-types. safe and more effective. Improve your looks in 5 hours!

Designed so you can peel off acne patches without any wrinkling! Simply peel back the protective film. then peel off the acne patch.

Acne patches includes 8mm(72 patches) & 12mm(36 patches). perfect for choosing different size for your affected area.

Waterproof and breathable. they give you up to 24 hours of protection. Can be used even at night If one of the patches is dirty. you can easily change it for another one. The pack is easy to carry with you.

Patches are made of medical-grade hydrocolloid. which reduces acne five times faster than other treatments. It absorbs fluid from the pimple and combats acne-causing microorganisms. preventing new acne from forming and scarring.

Blends in with all skin tones. It could be easily hidden with light make-up if necessary and does not leave any traces on your skin when it is removed.

Patch Size: 12mm / 8mm

Package Included
1 xLookPerfect Acne Pimple 108 Patches
1 xLookPerfect Acne Pimple 180 Patches

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108 Patches, 180 Patches


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LookPerfect Blemish Spot Patches