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Keep up with the lastest nails trend – Holographic!

Let your nails glimmer and shine as you paint them with NailIt 4D Holographic Laser Nail Polish!

The NailIt 4D Holographic Laser Nail Polish is best with giving your nails with the greatest holographic effect that no other nail polish can. You can create unique designs and patterns on a variety of colours to make your nails stand out from the rest.


  • 4D Holographic Effect:
    Premium foil colours create holographic reflections on your nails that make it glimmer and shine.
  • Highly Glossy & Color Shifting:
    Special glossy effect makes nail gorgeousunder sunlight and concentrated indoor lighting!
  • Quick-Dry Formula:
    Fast dry formula & no UV Lamp require to dry!
  • Safe On Nails:
    Made of non-toxic materials that are safe on your nails and nail bed.
  • Easy To Apply – 1 Coat to Finish! :
    Rich formula. only 1 coat to finish perfect holographic nail art!


  • Material: Foil
  • Weight: 28.5g
  • Size: 13cm X 5cm
  • Colour: Unicorn/ Sunset/ Blossom/ Ocean/ Sandcastle/ Bubblegum/ Jasmine/ Juniper


  • 1x NailIt 4D Holographic Laser Nail Polish

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Blossom, Bubblegum, Jasmine, Juniper, Ocean, Sandcastle, Sunset, Unicorn


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NailIt 4D Holographic Laser Nail Polish