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The Pandas Beauty Pore Cleanse Color Change Mask deeply cleanses. purifies. and refines the pores. leaving you with a well-hydrated. translucent complexion.

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Sarah Morris. USA

I just bought the Pandas Beauty Pore Cleanse Color Change Mask a couple of weeks ago. and I love it already. My sister and I use this. I have dry. sensitive skin. and hers lean on the oiler side. And this works for the both of us! It kinda gives a gentle exfoliating action that doesn’t sting. Skin feels super clean without the dry. tight feeling.

Kate Santiago. AUS

I love how smooth and vibrant my complexion looks after each use. The Pandas Beauty Pore Cleanse Color Change Mask is the only product that has shrunk my pores and faded my dark spots while keeping my skin hydrated. The formula is great! I even use it as a spot treatment whenever I have breakouts.


Iris Samantha. UK

I have extremely oily skin that often makes me look like a greaseball in the middle of the day. I bought this color-changing mask and have been using this 3x a week. and I was blown away! This provides the best oil control without leaving my skin dehydrated. My skin looks radiant without the extra shine. Love it!


Age-Defying Mask that Changes Color as You Rub It in

The light green hue of this color-changing mask gradually turns pale pink as you gently massage and let your skin absorb it. Its creamy. ice cream-like texture spreads smoothly and feels refreshing and purifying. It is infused with mild but effective ingredients that rid skin of dirt and impurities. rejuvenate. moisturize. and brighten in a single step.

Deep Cleansing + Moisturizing Power

Whether you’re using it as a quick fix for skin emergencies or a weekly ritual. the Pandas Beauty Pore Cleanse Color Change Mask can meet different skin requirements. This mask releases cleansing particles as you massage it onto your skin. purifying your pores and removing dirt. excess oil. blackheads. dead skin. and toxin buildup without stripping skin of natural moisture.

The gentle formula provides deep oil control cleansing without over-drying and irritating the skin. making it perfect even for sensitive and dry and dehydrated skin types. The formulation is infused with triple skincare ingredients that work synergistically to clear. rejuvenate. and brighten your complexion.

  • Hydrolyzed Pearl Pearl powder has brightening. soothing. and detoxifying properties that help fade discoloration. dark spots. and uneven skin tone over time. This anti-aging ingredient also contains amino acids and minerals that boost radiance and overall skin health.
  • Medicinal StratoporusThis ingredient sweeps away dead skin cells. debris. and bacteria. It also supports the skin barrier function and retains skin moisture. preventing free radical damage. dryness. and dehydration.
  • KaolinIt addresses oily. congested skin by cleaning out the pores and absorbing dirt and excess sebum. It reduces shine and delivers excellent oil control while clearing. balancing. and soothing the skin at the same time.

Product Features:

  • Powerful. deep cleaning ability detoxifies the skin and washes away dirt. excess sebum. and impurities
  • Color changes from green to pink as you rub it in
  • Removes blackheads & minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Sloughs off dead cells. revealing a fresher. clearer complexion
  • Provides deep oil control cleansing while keeping skin balanced and hydrated
  • Moisturizes and refreshes the skin. preventing dryness. dehydration. and rough texture
  • Rejuvenates and brightens skin tone
  • Contains mild. hydrating ingredients that soothe even the most sensitive. acne-prone skin
  • I can’t stress enough how important it is to choose a mask formulation that aligns with your needs. For example. oily complexions will fare well with a detoxifying option whereas dry complexions will require additional moisture. But there are quite a few masks that just sit in between. The Pandas Beauty Pore Cleanse Color Change Mask is one of those. Whether you have oily or dehydrated skin. you can never go wrong with this product. It does an awesome job at cleansing and purifying pores while keeping your post-mask skin moist and nourished.” – May Gonzales. beauty editor


    Jenna Grant shares her skincare experience with the Pandas Beauty Pore Cleanse Color Change Mask.

    I have oily skin that is prone to acne and congested pores. and I was looking for a mask that would tackle those issues without leaving any irritation. I decided to try the Pandas Beauty Pore Cleanse Color Change Mask.

    Week 1:

    I’ve used this mask at least 5 times already since I bought it. It was so addicting. and the results were amazing! I could swear my skin produced less oil since I incorporated this in my routine. And I felt like it kept new acne at bay. Love it!

    Week 3:

    Buy the Pandas Beauty Pore Cleanse Color Change Mask! Whether you have dry or oily complexion. it doesn’t matter. This is a non-stripping. purifying mask that will surely work for all skin types. This has done wonders to my skin. It now looks less oily but without the tight. dehydrated feeling. I’ve only been using this for over a month. but I could see that my blackheads and acne marks are disappearing. TRY IT!


    Product Specifications:

    • Net weight: 90g
    • Shelf life: 3 years
    • Skin type: Suitable for all skin types
    • Core ingredients: Hydrolyzed Pearl. Glycerin. Medicinal Stratoporus. Kaolin

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Pandas Beauty Pore Cleanse Color Change Mask

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