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Look flawless and feel supported with this invisible tape!
Enjoy an effortlessly instant lift with one simple tape! PerkUp provides you with a dramatic shape enhancing with a comfortable support no matter what size you are!
Witness natural shape-lifting that enhances the curves and contours of your body! Feel incredible. stay confident anytime. anywhere. in any outfits!
PerkUp comes with tons of different wearing methods to give your girls proper support and shape-boosting while remaining invisible in any outfit!
Feel your best while staying supported in any outfit! PerkUp will keep your girls up and the shape flawless without peeking out from any shirt!
PerkUp is made of hypoallergenic pure cotton blend to give you a feathery breathable comfort! Trim to your own desired length easily for a fully customizable wear!
PerkUp is made with pure cotton to give your girls a comfy moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic lift! The enhanced elasticity provides you with a trusty support no matter your size!
  • Width Options: 2.5cm. 3.8cm. 5cm. 7.5cm. 10cm
  • Length: 500cm
  • Size Chart:

  • Colors: Skin. Black
  • Materials:Cotton

    • 1* PerkUp Boob Tape

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        10cm (G or Above), 2.5cm (A-B), 3.8cm (C), 5cm (D), 7.5cm (E-F)


        Black, Skin


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        PerkUp Boob Tape