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Breath freely and comfortably with our Portable Breath Ease Device!

Look no further! Now thanks to our Portable Breath Ease Device that will provide you instant relief from trouble breathing!

Personal Steam Inhaler: This Portable Breath Ease Device provides non-medicated warm steam for temporary symptomatic relief from cough. congestion & allergies in a quick treatment.

Quick & Easy to Use: Get fast relief in a short 5-15 treatment with this Portable Breath Ease Device. no filters are required. and it’s designed to work with tap water.

Cough & Congestion Relief: This Portable Breath Ease Device features an ergonomically designed face mask for targeted delivery of pure. 99.99% germ-free steam. Soothing steam penetrates nasal. sinus. and throat passages for fast relief.

Help with Breathing Problems: A Portable Breath Ease Device helps naturally alleviate congestion. dryness. and irritation. it may provide sinus relief and help with specific breathing problems like allergies and colds with cough and congestion.

Package: 1 xPortable Breath Ease Device

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Portable Breath Ease Device