Powerful Sharp Cut Disc Blades set



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Get the most clean and accurate cuts!

They’re faster and more efficient to use for
your house improvement DIYs!

Precise & Even Cuts

Saw object accurately and neatly with its sharp teeth.
Guaranteed to get the job done evenly.

High-Speed Steel

With 20.000 maximum RPM that works on wood.
aluminium. alloy. PVC. and more.

Widely Fit

The set is supplied with a 3.2mm diameter shank drill
mandrel arbour for easy fitting in any drill.

High-Level Materials

Made of strong HSS high speed steel. following the
unique advanced science cutting principle.

Six Different Blade Sizes

Ideal for cutting. grooving and trimming wood. plastic.
ceramics. metal and DIY production.


The blades will vibrate when working so it must be handled
carefully to prevent the blades from jumping out to hurt people.


Material: Stainless steel
Available Blade Sizes:
22mm x 0.8mm x 6.35mm
25mm x 0.8mm x 6.35mm
32mm x 0.8mm x 6.35mm
35mm x 0.8mm x 6.35mm
44mm x 0.8mm x 6.35mm
50mm x 0.8mm x 6.35mm
Color: Silver


    6 x Disc Drill Blade

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    Powerful Sharp Cut Disc Blades set