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New to paper quilling?
ThisDIY Paper Quill Art Kit has EVERYTHING you need to kickstart your newfound hobby and craft like a PRO.

Paper quilling is such a relaxing and easy-to-learn form of art.Through the use of paper strips. you can roll. shape. andcombine them all together to form stunning art pieces. Whether you’re just starting out or have been into paper quilling for quite some time already. this kit willgive you lots of fun creating amazing artwork with paper!

AN EASY DIY KIT that even kids and beginners will definitely love. Just ROLL TO SHAPE and go wild with your imagination to create stunning quill designs.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE PACKAGE – This kit has ALL you need to explore what you can do in quilling and get going. It comes with multi-colored paper strips. cutters. pen tool. glue and more.

INTRICATE PAPERCRAFT – Withlots of beautiful vibrant shades of paper strips. you can creatively come up with great designs. Createsnowflakes. petals. leaves. flowers.and anything beyond your imagination.

HOURS OF PAPER FUN – Discover a fun way to create. play and enjoy! It’s a sure great way to relax and bond with family and friends. Decorate your own room. style up your classroom with classmates and friends. or add a personal touch to a party or event.

Create countless creative quill masterpieces with theDIY Paper Quill Art Kit!


Weight: 0.8 kg

Frame Design:Sent in Random

Package Inclusion/s: Get 1 set ofDIY Paper Quill Art Kit


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PROMO 30% OFF DIY Paper Quill Art Kit