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Create funky and cool styles with a good amount of diamond sparkle! The Pudaier Sparkle Sequin Gel is an amazing product to have in your arsenal for festivals. birthdays. and parties!


Product Features:

  • Multi-colored chunky glitter – The Pudaier Sparkle Sequin Gel comes in 34 shiny colors that let you experiment with different looks for that eye-catching luster at festivals. night parties. and other special events.
  • Multi-function sequin gel gives you sparkle from head to toe – If you want to go full-on glam. use the gel as an eyeshadow and throw some glitz onto your eyelids. You can even go beyond your lids and apply it on cheekbones. under eye. neck. and lips. Explore your creative side and use the sequin gel to design nail art or accessorize your hair and gadgets!
  • Easy to apply & remove – This glitter gel is made of quality material that doesn’t require extra glue to adhere to the skin. so it won’t come off unless you remove it. The bright. colorful sequins are suspended in a clear gel that’ll keep the sparkles where you place them. but still lay comfortably. It’s super easy to use and easy to clean with water.
  • Safe and harmless to the skin – This gel is hypoallergenic. It contains ingredients that are absolutely safe and gentle on the skin.


How to use:

  • Apply with a brush or using your fingertips and remove with cleanser or makeup remover.


Product Specifications:

  • Product weight: 15g
  • Color: 34 color options
  • Shelf life: 3 years


Package includes:

  • 1 x Pudaier Sparkle Sequin Gel


User’s Review:

Jennifer Moss. USA

I use the Pudaier Sparkle Sequin Gel as an eyeshadow. and it doesn’t disappoint! The little pot is so convenient and hygienic and allows for a mess-free application. Just a few swipes of this and I can achieve a retro. disco-quee look for a night out with friends!


Maisy Russell. AU

I love that the sparkly sequins come in a gel cream texture that makes it easy to apply on the skin. I once used this when my friends and I went to a music festival. and it was so easy to work with. I loved the results! Just dab some on the lids. and it’s good to go!


Jade Walsh. UK

The Pudaier Sparkle Sequin Gel brings intense glitter. and I love it! I can apply it easily without looking messy. I use this on my face for an instant makeup upgrade. And sometimes. I apply the gel on my nails and they look lovely.


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01 vivid orange, 02 super deep powder, 03 brilliantly purple, 04 super white, 05 super white green, 06 sapphire blue, 07 orange, 08 pink purple, 09 grass green, 10 silver iridescence, 11 super black, 12 peacock blue, 13 fairy purple, 14 white purple, 15 color white, 16 white blue, 17 kelly, 18 white powder, 19 color gold, 20 golden flash powder, 21 sky is blue, 22 silver, 23 purple powder, 24 mei red, 25 brilliantly blue, 26 shallow mei, 27 grass green, 28 gren yellow, 29 red blue, 30 orange yellow, 31 young girl powder, 32 taro purple, 33 rose red, 34 square purple


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Pudaier Sparkle Sequin Gel