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Reach your hanging plants in a simple touch and pull!
No more struggling tending to your hanging plants! With PullNReach. you can simply pull it down up to 90 cm and water or trim it down like any other house plants!
PullNReach is built to last! The reinforced strong nylon belt holds up to 15kg of weight. whether it’s a large plant or even double-tier planters!
Our pulley lock will automatically retract and lock back in place after you’re done with it! With multiple adjustment locks. you can keep your plants at various heightlevels using a simple propping motion!
With a universally designed hook. PullNReach can easily keep hanging planters of all kinds steadily held and locked in place!
  • Dimensions:20.5*7.5*2cm
  • Max. Stretched Length: 90cm
  • Max. Bearing Weight: 15kg
  • Weight: 89g
  • Materials:ABS. Stainless Steel

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