Quartz Crystal Cleansing Slimming Bracelet



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This magical bracelet can aid in bodily cleansing and fat breakdown by improving and cleaning the gall bladder. liver. pancreas. spleen. and kidneys.

It completely detoxifies and enhances your whole body by cleaning the gall bladder. liver. pancreas. spleen. kidneys. and other organs. it detoxifies and enhances your general health.

Boosts metabolism that helps in blood circulation so you can have a healthy body and active lifestyle effortlessly!

Made to enhance your body’s digestive flow and efficiently reduce bloating.

Helps in the loss of baby fat! Wearing this Garnet Cleansing Slimming Bracelet promotes rapid and healthy weight loss. It also signals the body to break down fat cells more efficiently. allowing you to reduce baby fats quicker!

Encourages proper blood circulation! It also aids in the reduction of high blood pressure. reducing future medical costs.

Hundreds have already testified that the Garnet Cleansing Slimming Bracelet works like magic!

Available in two designs!

Size: 8mm-10mm
Weight: 100g
Package Includes: Garnet Cleansing Slimming Bracelet (x1)

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Garnet Slimming Bracelet, Yellow Jasper Body Cleansing Bracelet


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Quartz Crystal Cleansing Slimming Bracelet