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Perfect for delivering intense color to the lash line or creating face and body art makeup. Emphasize your image of a neon diva! Shine on techno party in nonstop mode.

Colors are brightly beautiful in day light. This eyeliners also glow under UV/Dark.You could create colorfully vibrant and fun looks from day to night.
It has ultra-fine brush with highly definitive felt tip. flows continuously and smoothly. easy to apply thin lines and layer colors together.
Vibrant and intense color show off under the UV light. dark or at night. Effortlessly glows in the dark and emphasize your eyes.
True fluorescence. which can show a fluorescent effect under ultraviolet light.
Under the sun. the saturation is better than colored eyeliner. very dazzling!
Excellent coloring effect. quick-drying. waterproof. and sweatproof.
1. If there is no light source at night. it will not emit light.
2. Use with caution if you are allergic to fluorescent agents.
3. Wipe with warm water to remove makeup.
4. Please keep this product out of reach of children.
5. If you feel unwell. stop using it immediately.
6. Avoid light at room temperature.

Product Name: Rainbow Neon eyeliner
Net Product Content:13g
Color: Yellow. green. purple. pink. blue. orange. red. white (Optional)
Product Size: 7*1*1cm

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Orange, Pink, red, White, Yellow


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Rainbow Neon Eyeliner