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The EasiestWay To Make Round Edging Projects!

Working with round edging projects can be very tiresome and difficult. Introducing the Round Over Edge Forming Router Bit Set. the perfect router bit set for any type of workpiece round edge projects.

Made from high quality Tungsten Cobalt Alloy. all bits are available in bearing-guided. so you can always have the right bit no matter what application you are working on. Great for edging. round edging. beading or molding your workpiece. this router bit set would definitely make these jobs quick and easy.


  • Widely UseGreat for edging. beading and/or molding your workpiece.
  • Industrial Quality Made from high quality Tungsten Cobalt Alloy with build-up & heat resistant protective coating. guaranteed to last for a long period of time.
  • Smooth Cutting It works with less vibration to produce a noticeable smoother cut.
  • Anti-kickback Design The full body design of the bits limits how deeply they can cut. thereby reducing the possibility or kickback or accidents.
  • Easy To UseUse on CNC and other automatic routers as well as hand-held and table-mounted portable routers.
  • Affordable This set can cover all your edging. beading. molding and round edging projects for a very economical price!


Material: Tungsten Cobalt Alloy
Routed Bit Radius Sizes: 3.17mm. 4.76mm. 6.35mm. 7.96mm & 9.52mm

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1pc / 2pcs x Round Over Edge Forming Router Bit Set

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Round Over Edge Forming Router Bit Set