Angled Eyeliner Eyebrow Brush



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  • Say good-bye to bad smudges or sloppy eye makeup applications.
  • This brush’s synthetic bristles are made from the highest quality Synthetic Bristles enabling it to deliver the finest and most precise lines-even in the tightest. smallest. and hard to reach areas of your eyes and lashes.

Main Features

  • Blending Brushes
    These versatile brushes could be used as eyebrow brush and eyeliner brush. high-quality soft bristles. definitely no shedding. They are ideal for filling. it is hypoallergenic. cruelty free. and vegan friendly.
  • Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush
    Super thin eyeliner brush. collocation with eyeliner or eye glue. you can draw a more sophisticated eye liner. The small slanted eyeliner brush to draw the precision cat eye line. and the big one could used to blending. powder or eyeshadow. double the definition.
  • A Must Have Eyebrow Brush
    The small slanted eyebrow brush fills in and shapes brows. also can bent slightly according your need. Used to paint lying silkworms with natural makeup.
  • How To Clean Brushes
    Pour makeup remover or makeup water onto the cotton pad. then repeatedly brush the cotton pad with eyeliner brush until bristles has no color. rinse and lay brush flat to dry.


    Product Weight
    • 17G
    • Man-made fiber
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    • Angled Eyeliner Eyebrow Brush ร— 1

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      Angled Eyeliner Eyebrow Brush