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Clinically proven by using our exfoliating mitt. effectively help improve the appearance of dry. rough. bumpy skin in just 4 weeks.

Before we start. Let’s see our happy customer.

I am absolutely impressed withSilkSmootheresults totreat theKeratosis Pilarison my thigh. I’ve tried dozens of products and treatments of KP but none worked better thanSilkSmoothe.I feel confident in a bikini now!Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Janet Bolles
Phoenix. United State

“I was skeptical at this first. so I tried to use this mitt on my right leg first. At the first day. my skin felt good the next day but not as smooth as I wanted. but after 3 weeks. I found that myleg has a huge differencere! You can see my picture. the pores on my right leg were goneand my skin brighten than before!KristalJoneswho aged 38. submitted this photo on her journey with SilkSmootheafter using for 3 weeks. Congrats on the success!

New York. United State

Causes of Keratosis Pilaris KP

Keratosis Pilarisis a genetic skin condition characterised by tiny bumps and dry. rough patches. It is caused by extra keratin in your skin (the same building block for hair. skin and nails). leading to dead skin cells plugging hair follicles. The plug can also trigger inflammation in the skin. which is what causes the redness around each hair follicle. KP is most commonly found on the arms. legs. and thighs. KP is a harmless skin condition. It just isn’t amazing to look at. It may also cause itchiness and irritation if there is constant friction between your skin and clothes.

The SilkSmoothe Exfoliating Origin-Mitt easily exfoliates skin and massages away the dead skin cells to unveil new skin underneath. helping you manage your Keratosis Pilaris.
Suitable for keratosis-pilaris prone skin
SilkSmoothe Exfoliating Origin-Mitt is an in-shower treatment with physical and chemical exfoliants to manage the build up of keratin. dry skin. and ingrown hairs!

Consist of 2Key Ingredients For Whitening:

1.Glycolic Acid – Gently exfoliating&boost collagen production
2.Retinol – Skin Moisturizer. calm down & smooth skin

SilkSmoothe Exfoliating Origin-Mittcontinues the smoothing process with added Glycolic Acid.which locks in moisture and deeply hydrates skin.Glycolic acid works toexfoliate the skin. speed up cell turnover. and boost collagen production. Glycolic acid helps to clear pores. smooth fine wrinkles. improve skin tone. fade dark patches and sun damage. and hydrate skin for a more youthful appearance.

Infused withHydroquinonethat intensively whitens skin.whilelightens dark spots on the skin.According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology.applying non-prescriptionHydroquinoneto your skin caused a60% reduction in dark and uneven skin tone.Dr. Smithsaid this is whythis maskis so effective. It was one of the few products on the market that hadHydroquinonein the right consistency and dosage. Hydroquinone cream can effectively help treat skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation.

* Based on results after 4 weeks of using the SilkSmoothe Exfoliating Origin-Mitt

What makes SilkSmoothe Exfoliating Origin-Mitt so special?

  • Exfoliating and deep cleaning

  • Aims to reduce appearance of stretch marks. cellulite and scarring
  • Treat keratosis pilarisin 4 weeks
  • Purifies and brightens complexion
  • Helps fights against acne. blackheads and breakouts
  • Aims to reduce appearance of pigmentation and enlarged pores
  • Naturally and easily removes fake tan

  • 100% natural. No nasties

Let’s See How Gladys Gresham Completely Gets Rid OfKeratosis Pilaris on her arms In Only8Weeks:

Gladysgot engaged to her longtime boyfriend in 2021. she wassuffered by thechicken skinproblem.made picking out a wedding dress some what of a disheartening process. Shewas searching and trying on body cream/ lotion /oil that help restore and refresh her arms. from day to day she foundSilkSmoothe Mitt.

“This is took in the first week I used themitton my arm.My arms are where I have kp the worst and they are smooth but still have ugly redness. butI felt my skin is getting smoother than before!”

After2 weeks of use is where I really saw an incredible change! Theuneven skin color tone has been improved and it mademy discomfort / itchy feeling much less!I can see my skin is smoother!It’s really amazing how crazy the difference is!

“After4 weeks. I was completely shocked by my final result. My skin continues to be soft and smooth!I never thought I would be able to wear strapless wedding dress again. Everyone reading this wants to try SilkSmoothe Exfoliating Origin-Mitt. By this point. all my friends and family were shocked. They couldn’t believe the difference. and were convinced I was lying about not having laser surgery!”

Gladys Gresham
Birmingham. United Kingdom

“I have been trying to find the perfect tool to exfoliate my body. especially myneck. to no avail until I tried this mitt! After5 weeks of using this mitt while I am showerng. my skin get smoother again and the redness part become not noticeable now! Thank youSilkSmoothe!”

Amber Jablonski
Bristol. United Kingdom


  • Plant silk viscose.Glycolic Acid. Retinol

How To Use:

  • Let your skin soften under the shower. Wear the mitt and move the mitt in circular motions. esespecially on delicate areas like your inner thighs and decolletage.Rinse. dry. and moisturize after shower.
  • Use natural soap to clean the mitt.

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