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Skin Tag Removal Patches are one of the good choices for eliminating and removing skin tags. warts and other skin blemishes.

Our skin remover patches can fit all kinds of skin types. You can use it on your face and body. Say goodbye to your unwanted skin tag or acne. recover a beautiful skin!

You can finally remove unwanted skin tags which will eventually dry and then fall off. When skin tag removal patches change the color dries completely. you can replace them with another spot treatment. It is suitable for everyone to remove skin tags and mole.

irmly position the proactive emergency blemish treatment mole eraser over the skin . Our small and large skin tag remover pads will stick to the skin when it is placed correctly.

The concentrated liquid used on our fast-acting skin tags removal products include tree tea oil and vitamin E. Suitable for all skin types and cost-effective.

Our skin tag remover patches are made of all-natural ingredients that are safe on all kinds of skin. No scary. no burning. non-toxic. This remover for skin tags is highly safe for use.

1.Before using this product. please soak the skin with warm water for about 10 minutes. and dry thoroughly.
2.Peel and apply the patch on the affected area. pat the product gently so that the medicine can be absorbed totally. Keep the patch on the skin tag for up to 6-8 hours. use for 2-4 weeks.
3.You can replace one skin tag remover patch if the affected area becomes soft and light white. and you also feel a little pain.
4. Apply the patch twice a day (day and night). and repeat these steps until skin tag dries. and falls away.


Can promote the growth of acne

Absorption and decomposition of secretions

At the same time help the wound to reduce inflammation and healing

Promote healing of muscle base tissue after healing

Avoid scar formation

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Skin Tag Removal Patches