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Make seeding more successful with easy soil blocks using SmartPress!
SmartPress create the perfect soil blocks in one simple press. with a top hole to make it easier to fill the seeds in there!
SmartPress comes with drainage holes on the top of the mold. squeezing out all the excess water to ensure a proper growing environment for the seeding plants!
The orange cap enables you to create cross-molded soil blocks that provides a favorable structure for better moisture and air circulation! After using the cross mold. use it without the cross filter to get it in the perfect shape!
By giving your seedling plants a smaller. tighter soil block. the plants are more likely to grow stronger and denser root system to support future growth!
  • Dimensions: 12*80cm
  • Capacity: 280g
  • Materials: Premium ABS
  • 1*SmartPress Soil Block Maker

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SmartPress Soil Block Maker