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Snack Finger are a wearable solution to clean snacking that allows users to multitask effectively. Ensure users’ hands remain clean from food residue.

You can now pick up your snacks withSnack Finger to keep your hands clean from cheese puff dust or potato chip grease and keep on doing things.
Snack Fingerthe future descendant of chopsticks. Like a non-permanent body modification. you simply install the tool by slipping it between your index and middle finger.
You can enjoy delicious snacks while using being productive. Permanently attached to a flexible hinge that also serves as a spring to keep them open. and while it’s still operated by the user’s fingers.
The advantageof Snack Fingeris that they don’t need to be set down between bites and instead just rest between a user’s fingers when not in use.
Material: food grade plastic
Size: 9.5cm/3.7inX2.5cm/1in
Applicable scene: any scene
Keep Your Fingers Clean: Keep your fingers clean and grease-free when eating your favorite snack.
Safe Material: It is made of durable and food-safe ABS plastic. which can be used with confidence. Reusable and environmentally friendly.
Easy to use: just insert two fingers into the round hole and make the chopsticks above the fingers. you can easily control the chopsticks to hold food.
Seventh Finger: This pair of toothpicks is like your two extra fingers.
This fun pair of chopsticks can solve your annoyance.

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Snack Finger