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The SpaLand Whitening Body Wash’s nourishing and moisturizing formula is easy to rinse. leaving soft. fragrant. and luminous skin after every wash.

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Amayah Adams. UK

I love the SpaLand Whitening Body Wash. This is really effective in cleansing skin from dirt and pollutants. This feels so nice. soothing. and moisturising on the skin. especially when I shower after a long day.


Mila Collins. USA

This body wash has potent but mild skin whitening ingredients. I can attest to this product’s efficacy because this single-handedly made my underarms and bikini area a shade lighter after just two weeks of use. Plus. that soft. clean. and supple feeling after every bath is incredible. Not to mention the scent that lingers in my skin for a long time. It feels like a spa treatment every use!


Aliyah Sharp. AU

This cleansing shower gel helps unclog my pores and make skin super clean without being too stripping. In fact. this hydrates my skin more than the regular lotion. Amazing hydration. Brightens my skin tone too!


The SpaLand Whitening Body Wash’s soft. easy-to-rinse formula creates a rich. creamy foam that washes away the body’s impurities. which often cause dullness and uneven skin tone. With regular use. this body wash deeply cleanses pores and gently sloughs off dead skin cells from the surface. revealing fresher. brighter. softer layers over time. It makes skin supple and clean while targeting skin woes like dryness. rough texture. and peeling.

A blend of naturally extracted whitening properties and hydrating ingredients is infused in one bottle. This moisturizing shower gel contains the active ingredient that packs a punch. Nicotinamide or popularly known as Niacinamide.

Niacinamide is an efficient skin whitener. It works by preventing the transfer of melanin pigment (responsible for skin darkening) to the skin cells.The SpaLand Whitening Body Wash also contains rejuvenating amide. a compound that inhibits melanin production. So adding this gel wash into your shower routine reduces hyperpigmentation and dark spots and brightens the skin tone over time.

Product Features:

  • Delivers gentle cleansing while moisturizing and brightening the skin
  • Washes away dirt. sweat and oils. pollutants. and dead skin cells without leaving a dry. tight feeling
  • Contains Niacinamide that helps lighten complexion and refine pores
  • Address skin texture issues such as dryness. peeling. and roughness
  • Makes skin smooth. hydrated. supple. and clear
  • Leaves a long-lasting fragrance that won’t irritate skin
  • Rich foam and easy-to-rinse. non-stripping formula

โ€œI‘ve been using the Spaand Whitening Body Wash for two weeks. and it really transforms my skin. My usually parched. dull complexion now looks revitalized and plump! Aside from evening out my skin tone. this also gets rid of toxins and acne-causing bacteria. I know because I rarely see body acne popping out ever since I started using this shower gel. Try it!โ€ – Oliva Esguerra. beauty editor


Linda Fowler shares her bathing experience with the SpaLand Whitening Body Wash.

Week 1:

I have extremely dry skin that often feels itchy and looks dull with some acne scarring in my back. I tried using the SpaLand Whitening Body Wash as a soap replacement. and I was blown away! The intense moisture boost this gave my skin was amazing! Skin felt smooth and soothed even when I didn’t apply my lotion.

Week 2:

I saw the lightening effect after using this body wash for two weeks. The skin in my arms and legs. especially elbows and knees. looked a few shades lighter. softer. and smoother than before. Amazing!

Week 3:

This product has transformed my skin in more ways than I expected! No more dull. itchy. parched skin. My skin feels constantly moisturized. The pimple scars in my back look less visible now. Plus. the scent is just heaven! The SpaLand Whitening Body Wash trumps other products when it comes to saving my super dry skin.


Product Specifications:

  • Net weight: 380ml
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Core Ingredients: Niacinamide. Amide.Glutathione. Sodium Chloride. Benzoic Acid. Betaine. Glucocide. Citric Acid. Kojic Acid. Asparagus Extract


Package includes:

  • 1 x SpaLand Whitening Body Wash

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SpaLand Whitening Body Wash