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Removes bothersome skin tags and moles naturally and painlessly with TagGone Natural Tags Serum!
This is a herbal treatment formulated to penetrate the most stubborn skin tag. moles. and warts from the root up.Say goodbye toany unwanted blemish for good!
Easy and safe to use at home. with no painful freezing. and costly surgery! Watch your skin tag or moles to fall off in 7 days!


  • SKIN TAG REMOVER: works by dissolving the melanin that appears as the pigmentation in the skin. as well as breaking down the protein in the dead skin cells on the upper layer of skin. ridding the unwanted growth on the skin.
  • VARIOUS USE: eliminate moles. spots. warts. skin tags. skin marks. skin spots. freckles. and more.
  • FAST & EFFECTIVE: see visible fast as 7 days
  • SCAR-FREE AND PAINLESS: an all-natural. painless. and non-surgical way to clear out your skin.
  • SKIN SAFE: consists of natural extracts that not only rid of unwanted skin pigmentation but it also whitens and rejuvenates the skin.

  • NATURAL FORMULA: contains an advanced blend of concentrated natural ingredients that is effective in removing spots and moles without any pain and side effects.


  • Specification: 20g
  • Shelf life: 3 years


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TagGone Natural Tags Serum