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Create threaded holes with ease when you have this Thread Tap Drill Bits Set for the most demanding projects and toughest materials! Perfect for hobbyist. mechanics. or machinists who constantly works with fasteners.
Comes in a wide range of sizes that can drill. tap. and countersink holes in just one step. It quickly penetrates materials and have a self-centering point that helps users maintain accurate placement.
It doesn’t matter if you’re working from your garage or in a construction site. They’re extremely easy to use. will give more efficiency and guarantee to improve the your quality of work!



Self-Centering Point: Get precise positioning with its self-centering point to eliminate the need for center drilling or center punching.
Fits Various Threads:
The bits come in 6 different sizes (M3-M10) for it to meet different requirements.
Spiral Flute Design:
Has a wide spiral flute that allows chips to easily get out of the hole to prevent chip crowding and breakage of tap drill bits.
Wide Compatibility:
Can penetrate up to 10-gauge wood. plastic copper. brass. aluminum. sheet metal and other materials.
EnhancesProductivity: Drill. tap& countersink inone quick& easy action!Easy to use and install. requires no tool changes and allows you to change bits fast to get more productivity.
Superior Quality:
Durable and resistant to deformation. The titanium covered surface helps prevent oxidation. making it rust resistant.


  • Just drill until the bit fully penetrates the material. then the tapping will start to occur
  • When it reaches the right depth. reverse the drill to deburr and remove any swarf to complete the job


Material: High-Speed Steel with Titanium coating
Hex Shank:
6.35mm (1/4″)
Thread Size:
M3. M4. M5. M6. M8. M10
0.5mm. 0.7mm. 0.8mm. 1.0mm. 1.25mm. 1.5mm


1 x M3x 0.5: Total length: 55mm. Spiral length: 24mm. drill diameter: 2.5mm
1 x M4x 0.7: Total length: 54mm. Spiral length: 24mm. drill diameter: 3.3mm
1 x M5x 0.8: Total length: 58mm. Spiral length: 28mm. drill diameter: 4.2mm
1 x M6x 1.0: Total length: 58mm. Spiral length: 28mm. drill diameter: 5.0mm
1 x M8x 1.25 Total length: 59mm. Spiral length: 18mm. drill diameter: 6.8mm
1 x M10x 1.5 Total length: 59mm. Spiral length: 20mm. drill diameter: 8.5mm

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Big Set (3pcs), Happy Set (6pcs), Small Set (3pcs)


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Thread Tap Drill Bits Set (3/6pcs)