Time Eraser Botox Concentrate Ampoule



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Smooth away wrinkles and improve elasticity for a stunningly youthful glow. A powerful anti-aging proteins that alert skin when it’s time to produce more collagen.

Helps the skin to restore its natural moisturization levels. thanks to its high binding capacity to water without using any painful Botox injections.

It can quickly and effectively smooth the eyebrows. eyes. face and neck. and prevent wrinkles. promote cell regeneration and improve aging skin.

Effectively protect the integrity of cell tissues. smooth fine lines and restore skin elasticity and luster.

Inhibit nerve conduction. avoid excessive muscle contraction. and prevent fine lines from forming. Promote the growth of collagen cells.

Achieving a softer. firmer complexion is easier than you think. Allow our rich face and skin serum to helps even skin. providing you with a more even tone.

In addition to being an anti-aging skincare must-have ingredient and skin plumper. Peptides are touted as natural healing agents!


Net content: 10ml


● Wash and dry your face. and apply any toner

● Massage a small amount of the Time Eraser Botox Concentrate Ampoule into your face. neck.

● Allowampouleto dry completely. giving it time to fully sink into your skin

● Repeat morning and night and watch those wrinkles fade away!

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Time Eraser Botox Concentrate Ampoule