Tongue and Groove Milling Router Bit



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Create strong tongue and groove joints precisely and effortlessly!
Our milling router bit works for all kinds of woods. from softwood. hardwood. to shaving boards and MDF boards!
This router bits is designed with a perfect interval spacing measurement and sharp bladesto cut out thestrongest tongue and groove joints with the least time and effort!
Create strong end-to-end joints for all your woodwork projects.from home improvement projects and smaller wood craft projects!
Forged with fortified C3 Carbide tipped blade with heat-resisting Teflon Coating. this milling router bit is perfectly kickback-proof to give you a 100% efficient and safe use!
  • Weight: (1/4 in) 90g; (1/2 in) 121g
  • Dimensions: (1/2 in) 34.9*87.31mm
  • Bit Width: (1/2 in) 12.7mm; (1/4 in) 6.35mm
  • Materials:Fortified C3 Carbide with Teflon Coating

    • (1PC Set) 1* Tongue and Groove Milling Router Bit
    • (2PCs Set) 2*Tongue and Groove Milling Router Bit

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        1/2 in, 1/4 and 1/2 in, 1/4 in


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        Tongue and Groove Milling Router Bit